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Epaper Display


Q: Does Good Display have developer kits for Matrix products?

A: Yes there are developer kits available for Matrix products from Good Display. These kits are not available for general sale. They are available for customers who are evaluating a display for incorporating into an end product. The best way to access the kits is by contacting sales.


Q: Does Good Display have a color product or is it only monochrome?

A: Good Display does have a color product which was launched in November, 2010. A color display is similar to the monochrome FPL, except that it has a color filter array over the FPL to generate color. This is similar to the RGB pattern that an LCD TV uses to generate color from a white light.


Q: Does Good Display provide or support flexible matrix displays?

A: The flexibility of an EPD display is controlled by the backplane. Good Display does support flexible backplanes, now we have 1.43" flexible matrix display.


Q: What is the thickness of an Matrix E-Paper display?

A: Thicknesses range from 1mm to 1.2 mm. This includes the FPL, protective sheet and the glass TFT backplane.


Q: What is the normal product lifetime of Good Display's e-ink display?

A: For standard products, it is a minimum of 5 years or the times of refresh is 1,000,000. 


Q:Can you do an irregular shape segmen E paper?

A:Yes, we can .As long as the number of segment is not too many and IC is easy to choose. Additionally, PCB is more easy packaging than that of flexible one . But we can do if must be, tooling cost will be higher 20% - 30%  than normal  type segment E paper .


Q: Does Good Display develop prototype Segmented epaper displays?

A: For those customers who are investigating an Segmented epaper display application, we provide a prototype development program. Good Display works with customers to finalize the specifications for the desired display. Based on the specifications Good Displat will provide a quote for the prototype design. Upon completion of the specifications and quote acceptance, first working samples can typically be delivered in 5 weeks. At the completion of the prototype, per unit mass production pricing is finalized.



Product lifetime 

Q: What is the normal product lifetime of Good Display LCDs?

A: For standard products, it is a minimum of 3 years. If a model change is required due to component end of life, then we will try every effort to make the new module backward compatible.



Image Quality & Performance

Q: What is the viewing angle of your LCDs?

A: All of our TFT LCDs meet or exceed 130 degree (Horizontal) and 110 degree (Vertical) viewing angle. Our wide view film technology achieve viewing angle 160 degree (Horizontal) and 140 degree(Vertical). We also have Super-Wide-View technology that will achieve 85/85/85/85 viewing angle, which is the best technology for viewing angle and color reproduction. Please consult the individual part specification for details.


Q: Are Good Display TFT LCDs sunlight readable?

A: There are basically two approches to increase a display's sunlight readability: increase the brightness level of the display, or reduce the ambient light reflection on the display surface. Good Display has several technology for outdoor readable applications, such as high brightness panel, transflective panel, anti-reflection and antiglare surface treatment, for more information, please check Outdoor Use TFT Displays for more information.


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